Customer Centre
A major FMCG manufacturer in Holland wanted to create a permanent space where they could discuss business and category opportunities with their major customers.

The challenge for us, at JB Communications, was to fit this into a dark basement, 38 metres square, next to a store room.

Our brief was to make this space an immersive and engaging experience, where customers were comfortable discussing joint business initiatives and longer-term business strategies. The overall design was based on the company’s new category vision, but they also needed to be able to tailor it to specific channel and customer types. The space had to be flexible enough to make customers feel it was relevant to them and their business needs.

While we have hidden the highly sensitive category information and the identity of the client, we can show you how we turned a very small space into an interactive experience, focusing on the key platforms of the category story, using both audio-visual and physical elements.


“When I saw the bare concrete basement room for the first time I must say I was very sceptical. But Tony and his team at JB were fully confident that they could deliver a fantastic result. And they have!

I was amazed with the speed, professionalism and quality with which they have executed their vision. They have been able to really integrate the category story into an interactive and engaging experience. Anyone we showed the category strategy room to, both internally but more important externally, was truly impressed.

To us it’s a key commercial tool with which you can show you mean business with your category strategy and are willing to invest into meaningful relationship with your customers that create win/win situations and make the category grow.”