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Preparation is the foundation of a good presentation
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Do you know what you want your audience to think, do or say differently once they’ve seen and heard your presentation?

Do you know what your two or three top messages are, and have you written them down yet?

Have you considered how the audience will respond to your key messages? Do you think they will be friendly to them or will
your points cause confrontation or, at least, a lively discussion?

Itís important that you work out whatís in your presentation for the audience: whatís the benefit to them?

Check who else is presenting. Are you speaking alone, or with other presenters? Are you first, last or somewhere in between?

Is there an overall theme to the event at which you are speaking, whatís the mood and tone of the theme and can you use it to illustrate your message?

Have you checked how long you have to present and what time of day you will be presenting? Is it first thing after the night beforeís sales party? If so, think about how to engage and energise the audience!

Have you considered what the presentational environment will be like? Is there a big set or a flip chart? Think about how you can stand out by using the stage and environment differently and not just relying on buckets of charts to do the job for you.
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