Business is about conversations between professionals. Conversations that result in profitable action. Sometimes they take place in small groups, and sometimes in large ones.

Our goal is to get to the heart of what you want to say and create a collaborative environment to engage and build relationships that drive the business agenda in the direction you want.

Tony Orr — Managing Director, JB Communications



Understanding the business objective, then creating the solution to reach it, is at the heart of JB’s philosophy. We believe that by developing a persuasive dialogue, we can help our clients change mind-sets and create new ways of thinking that deliver positive business results over the longer term.

From a presentation in a small office, to a live event, through to a multi-million-pound customer collaboration centre, we believe in shaping the debate in a way that will inspire others, intellectually and emotionally, to buy into YOUR vision for the category and market.

Our aim is always to map out the total journey, aligning and motivating the internal teams, right through the important conversations with the customers to studying and affecting the behaviours of the shoppers in store. As we say at JB, if you want to move in a single direction WITH your staff and customers, you need to make every conversation count.
When JB was formed in 1969, our mission was all about exciting and motivating sales teams around the world by mounting large-scale events for leading brands, with a focus on influencing and changing audience behaviours.

We have since evolved, embracing everything the 21st century has to offer. By harnessing state-of-the-art technology and using the latest market intelligence, we have become specialists in cutting-edge production techniques and experts in shaping messages based on a category approach.

This success was noticed. Our clients sought to make more of those precious moments with their customers. They appreciated our expertise in delivering the WOW factor to large internal audiences but, when combined with the latest technology, design principles and business approach, it proved just as effective with small audiences, too.

This effectiveness is why our reputation as the leading specialist in creating customer communications in all its forms, is so significant.
We are expert at shaping communications that reflect Consumer and Shopper segmentation, insights behind Market Trends and Shopper Behaviours, and the drivers that deliver growth through category engagement today or in the future.

If you’re a manufacturer launching a brand, a category vision, or wanting a world-class customer or innovation centre, we can help you. We will shape your strategy and bring it to life in a innovative and effective way. We will create the perfect environment — use the appropriate amount of theatre, supported by the very latest VR and augmented reality technology to help deliver your ideas with real business clarity and impact.

If you’re a retailer, we offer unbiased expertise through our world-class technology partners. We can help you choose the best solution, whether you’re looking to reshape your retail layout through VR, study your shoppers’ behaviour in-store or influence and direct their purchases through the very latest digital solutions and interactive signage. We are always up to date with the fast changes in this technology.

We also work in other sectors such as communications and services, so whatever your market, you will find our experience and expertise is matched by our passion for delivering world-class business solutions — winning the hearts and minds of staff, customers and shoppers.
Customer Centres
Our customer centres are all about collaboration. They allow our clients to hold a two-way conversation with their customers and staff, building partnerships and creating a platform for discussing and agreeing long-term plans – plans grounded in consumer and shopper insights. Every Customer Collaboration Centre is tailor-made to deliver true business opportunities for you, your brand and your customers.
Category Visions
Whether it’s the launch of a category visions, a new product or it’s just that time of year, JB is the industry leader in helping you deliver your news in the most effective way.
Live Events
A live event is all about impact, delivering a clear and concise message in a creative and interactive way. Designed and delivered well, a conference or exhibition will repay the client investment many times over.
Installations are all about understanding the audience experience – will it be on brand, will it capture their imagination, will they be able to hear, see and be comfortable? Then we cross the line and think about how it will be used, what functionality is needed and how flexible it should be.

We’ve built and fitted out everything from major auditoriums, demonstration kitchens and board rooms, ensuring that each space really works for everyone.
Video is a very powerful tool to add real colour to any presentation. It’s a highly effective way to crisply tell any number of corporate and brand stories – the key is well designed scripts and storyboard, good visual footage supported sharp graphics and a great sound track.

And at Jb we are doing this for any number of clients at every day of the year.
We can offer our clients all things digital – web applications, Apps, digital POS and signage and much more. In fact, everything in the digital spectrum, plus all the content to go with it.

Innovation is at the heart of what we do and we are constantly designing new digital products and content, identifying problems, analysing, clarifying and developing both concept and solution. We meticulously log user interaction to ensure our digital products are user-friendly, efficient and fit for purpose.
Retail Research
At JB, we work with specialist partners to provide a comprehensive software and consultancy package, including consumer research solutions, data analysis tools and profitable insights. Our virtual-reality store merchandising and optimisation solutions are cutting edge, from the leading designers in the field.
We have put together a powerhouse of expertise. Our team includes strategists, producers, technical specialists, designers and video editors, all experts in their own field, from exhibitions, theatre and live events to digital media. And our team is truly global, able to speak to our customers in their own language – be it English, Dutch, French, Spanish, German or Italian, or Cantonese and Mandarin.

Where the project calls for it, we boost this highly motivated core team with talent from further afield, for research, store planning and optimisation, and for virtual-reality visualisation. Our wider international team includes architects, project managers and mechanical and electrical technicians, all of whom can deliver physical builds anywhere in the world to our specification.
Co-Owner & Managing Director

Co-Owner & Director

Experiential & Creative Lead

Technical Manager

Head of Sales and VR Expert

Director of Finance

Head of Video Production

Senior Designer &Studio Head

“Thirty years in the communications business may sound like a long time, but it has gone by in a flash.

If I’ve learned one thing about our business, it’s that there is much more to it than mere production and what has really moved JB forward is our world-class Customer Collaboration Centres — the creative process of designing them, the strategic thinking to deliver them and, equally important, the long-term support to keep them running.

It’s a great privilege to lead such a talented and motivated team — their passion underwrites the success of every JB venture.”
“My specialist field is producing and running B2B videos and events, mostly in the FMCG sector. I’ve spent 30 years doing it and my experience runs to a wide range of other markets, too, including international telecommunications.

I always get a thrill from making a live event happen. For me, the whole process, from the initial strategy and objectives, to the seed of a creative idea, sparks an exciting process of thought, discussion and creativity, resulting in a spectacular finale.”
“I come from the world of 3D – designing and creating projects for theatre, brand experience and retail around the world. I have worked in a wide range of business sectors, from FMCG and beauty to aerospace, automotive and technology.

All my projects involve theatrical spaces, so understanding what audiences want and what they respond to is vital. Making them ‘feel’ the message, as well as listening to it and seeing it, is something I particularly enjoy.”
“Not surprisingly, I love all things technical, and I don’t mind being labelled the team nerd! I’ve spent the past 20 years working on projects at home and abroad for some of the biggest names in the business – Canon and Adobe to name a couple.

I started out in the music business, on the technical side, and that – combined with a lot of theatre work – has given me valuable experience in how to make an audience sit up and listen. This has been key to my recent work on permanent installations with the very latest audio, visual and digital technologies.”
“I am an unashamed technology geek. I have a passion for innovation, efficiency and automation, and have sold augmented and virtual reality and
eye-tracking software. My role is to bring all these miracles of technology to JB’s client projects.

What makes working for JB unique is our specialisms, which include the most advanced facial-recognition software and research solutions, through to holographic environments. We can provide cutting-edge and, in some cases, experimental technology and software solutions.

Together, JB and our global technology partners are aggressively – even obsessively – pushing the boundaries of a rich technological future.”
“I’ve been keeping our creative people in check for more than 20 years. I’m the one who makes sure we stick to our budgets and achieve value for money.

I work closely with our clients’ accounts departments, easing the flow of money and making sure it gets spent properly. It’s my job to ensure that we get maximum bang for each buck, pound or euro.”
“I’m the third member of Tony and Richard’s 30 Years’ Experience Club and in that time, there isn’t much I haven’t made a video about.

My role is to bring together the very best talent available – from writers, directors and cameramen to graphic designers, actors and voiceover artists – to create a wide range of programmes for clients at home and abroad. These include TV commercials, documentaries and product reveals to all types of corporate communication.

It’s rewarding work and no project is too big or too small.”
“I’m the one they come to for the big live events. When it comes to creating and designing international category vision projects for global clients such as GSK, Nestlé or Warburtons, it’s down to me!

I always get enormous pleasure from seeing my final creation doing its job, achieving the desired results and getting the message across clearly, stirring emotions and stimulating conversations that make a real difference. This is where my experience lies and where, I feel, I do my best work.”
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