About us

We believe that developing the right dialogue helps our clients change mind-sets and create new ways of engagement, driving positive business results.

Founded in 1969 we were all about delivering the message in exciting events and motivating large business audiences around the world.

Our belief has always remained that the message is the core to all communications. Our experience is in defining and sharpening that message and finding the most creative and engaging ways to deliver it. Combining the best of digital, physical and virtual, has made us the leading authority in business to business communication.

A selection of our clients

Our work

We creatively deliver your message across all media and platforms. From single interactive presentations and intimate gatherings to large scale live events and fully immersive collaboration centres, we have helped many clients achieve effective communication and productive collaboration.

We have built a reputation for outstanding customer service producing highly successful experiences that deliver tangible results.

Our team

Our team is made up of many talented individuals. Each member adds a unique set of skills and expertise to your projects and together we can give you a 360 service.

Whether its developing a new messaging strategy, creative concept, inspiring spatial design, compelling video, immersive virtual or a dynamic live event, we have the specialists to take care of each aspect and every detail.

Strategists, designers, producers, AV consultants, digital consultants, AR/VR designers, interactive programmers and project managers will all come together to support you in every step of the way and make your project a success.



Even after all these years of working with so many different clients I still love to shape what needs to be communicated. For relaxation I love to be afloat letting the wind do the work!



I’ve spent 35 years producing and running B2B videos and events, mostly in the FMCG sector. I always get a thrill from making a live event happen and learning something new each time. I get a kick out of anything that involves speed, two and four wheels as well as water!



More than 25 years working with emerging technologies for retail. More than 30 years playing county level tennis and still can’t hit a decent backhand!



The one thing I love about my job is that it’s forever evolving. I love diving into new challenges the most to create new possibilities. Designing content that goes beyond the conventional. Outside work I’m all things mind, body and soul. I have a first degree in Reiki, find peace in meditating and love reading up on all things that opens up the mind.



Over 15 Years I have manipulated, distorted, and created alternative realities and stories through video and video installations. My motto “anything is possible in video”, Quite simply Wubalubadubdub!



I’m passionate about designing and delivering audio visual projects in a joint up approach, using the 30 years of experience in live events, commercial and collaboration centre installations. Spending time with the family, firing up the BBQ and listening to music are my type of relaxation.



A busy mum of 2 and fitness enthusiast (so I can eat all the food!), who takes overall responsibility for the production of projects at JB, including client relationships, delivery of all aspects of the programme, management of the project team and never says no to a G&T!



I LOVE my job! After all my years at JB I still love seeing my creations brought to life across our digital solutions as well as live events! I have lived in four different countries and my greatest passion is to travel – accumulating a wealth of wonderful and unique experiences!



I’m the project manager for VIS, and one of the 3D artists here at JB. I make all sorts of things come to life within the virtual reality, from bespoke assets to realistic environments. There is no better feeling than seeing the final product come together as one piece. Outside of work I enjoy creative hobbies or playing the latest video games.

Hugo Weir


A short tribute to our friend and colleague Hugo Weir

All our lives changed on the 20th July 2020 when Hugo joined JB as a junior 3D artist.

He was just 20 years old, a bundle of energy and ambition, he could certainly ‘talk the talk’ – non stop!

However could he really ‘walk the walk’ and work in a team of more seasoned and senior colleagues

Like all new starters Hugo had his ups and downs… However very soon after joining he started automating repetitive manual tasks and making them faster and more efficient. We were all terribly impressed with his technical abilities and ingenuity!

Over the next few months in became clear that Hugo was pretty special.

A young guy with a singular vision and purpose, he was going to make JB VR a global sensation.

He had the technical ability, the drive, the ambition and very quickly a team that were completely aligned to his goals. Over the last couple of years Hugo comprehensively rewrote the JB VR software, making it easier to use while adding new functionality and features. He worked closely with global customers teasing out their requirements and adding them to his software development schedule.

Over the last year customers recognised JB VR as being one of the best global solutions.

Hugo was loving his career, he was developing new products, helping design customer centres and routinely chatting to the most influential movers and shakers in the FMCG industry.

When I asked him if he was satisfied with progress, he looked aghast! He thought he had achieved about 10% from his world domination list. He was super eager to take on new responsibilities and challenges, I have the feeling he would never be satisfied with an ordinary life or humdrum existence – he was driven, passionate and ambitious in everything he did!

In November 2023 Hugo was killed in a freak motorcycle accident while on holiday in Bali.

A huge tragedy and shock for friends, family, colleagues and customers.

Keith released a post on LinkedIn and emailed some of our closest customers. The heartfelt outpouring of initially disbelief then grief was incredible. Hugo has made so many friends in his short career, they were all devastated at the news.

Hugo’s life may have been short, but it was lived to the max with passion, intensity and vigour.

We will always remember him, he will always be part of JB and we will continue the work he started to make JB VIS the very best in class.

Hugo you will never be forgotten.


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