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Be prepared for questions
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Once youíve prepared your presentation, think about the people you are going to present to and what questions they might ask. Itís useful to prepare a range of relevant answers.

When youíre taking questions, the most important thing is to stay calm and listen to the WHOLE question. Donít jump in Ė you may be answering the wrong question and alienating the questioner.

Repeat the question in your response, in case some audience members did not hear it. Donít rush your answer. Take your time Ė a questioner will almost always prefer a considered response.

Audiences respond better if they feel you value their questions. Thank individuals for their questions, consider using phases such as Ďthatís a very good question youíve raised hereí or ĎIím glad you asked that questioní.

Use the personís name in your reply, if you know it.

Avoid sounding like a typical politician Ė answer the question, donít evade it. If you canít answer it instantly, say you will come back afterwards with a full response.

Donít let a tricky, aggressive or barbed question derail you Ė donít get personal. Give yourself time to reply, and maintain your dignity and professionalism at all times!
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