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Rehearse your speech to really refine it
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Read your presentation out loud, then convert the written sentences into the spoken word.

Learn your presentation. You will not be able to present well unless you know your speech. Just reading it out is a presentational disaster!

Now practise the presentation again but slow it down. A lot of presenters tend to speed up when they’re on their feet. By slowing it down at this point you’ll avoid going too fast on the big day.

Check that you have clear signposts within your presentation to help you lead the audience through it. Get someone to listen to you and watch your visuals – do they get it? If they don’t, change the presentation.

Note in the script and slides where you want to deliver greater emphasis for your major points.

Use pauses in your speech so that the audience gets a chance to digest what you’ve just said.

If the slides don’t give you the confidence you need in terms of remembering where you are, then use cards. Most professional presenters do.

Remember that you know more than your audience. Only you know what you are going to say! Show passion and excitement for your subject. This communicates more powerfully than words ever can.
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